105 error - Payload too high

Understanding the meaning of a "Payload too high" Error

What does a 105 - "Payload to high" error mean?💡

This error is returned whenever the size of the response by the Seller surpasses the size limitation established on our side for optimal performance (20000 options or 15MB).


Hotel Buyers API (legacy):

    <description>Payload too high, received 21097.201171875 KB</description>

Hotel-X Buyers API example:

    "errors": [
                        "code": "ALL_PROCESSES_FAILED",
                        "type": "PROCESS_ERROR",
                        "description": "See warnings for more information"
                "warnings": [
                        "code": "",
                        "type": "105",
                        "description": "Access `xxx` returned:  Payload too high, received 122000.3818359375 KB"


What can I do if I receive a 105 - "Payload to high" error in my response?✔️

  1. If you detect an increase of these errors, you should contact the Seller directly in order to check this information on their side and reduce the number of options/size of their responses.
  2. Should you need further support after checking this information with the Seller, do not hesitate to contact us again through a ticket in our Portal and our team will be happy to help.