Quick-guide to Auto-Activations

Connect to one of our +1000 Partners in a few easy steps!

  1. Check out which Partners are available searching our Network Directory.
  2. Once you find a Partner with whom you have already established a commercial contract, click on "Connect" and you will be redirected to the automated Connection Form

Please bear in mind that by requesting the activation of a connection, you are assuming financial responsibility with TravelgateX for this connection.



  1. Log onto TravelgateX
  2. Before starting, check that you are logged into the right Organization and Partner profile type. E.g. if you want to connect to a Seller, you should be browsing as Buyer, whereas if you want to connect to a Buyer, you should be browsing as Seller.
    You can check this information by looking at the top right corner of your screen:


3.  Once you click on "New Connection", select the Seller you want to connect to:


4.  Fill in your Connection Information: access name, notification e-mails and connection type:


5. Then, fill in the Seller Credentials and parameters:


6. Click on Review and create. A notification of acceptance of your request will pop up and as soon as the activation has been processed, we will send you an e-mail with all the information you need to set the connection live. Easy, right?


We are currently improving our Activation Process so that much of the data will be auto-completed. However, it will always be necessary for you to configure some details for every new connection - make sure those are accurate, it will speed up the process!


Remember that you can check the status of all your connections in Connections - My Connections. For more information about the possible status for a connection click here.