Quick-guide to Auto-Activations

Get connected to one of our +1000 Partners with just a few simple steps! 🤝

I want to request a new connection, what should I do?💡

  1. Log onto TravelgateX
  2. Before starting, ensure you are logged into the correct Organization and Partner profile type. For instance, if you wish to connect as a Seller, browse as a Seller, and vice versa. You can find this information in the top right corner of your screen.
    My connection1
  3. Explore our Network Directory to discover which Partners are available.
  4. Then, click on the Company Profile of the Partner you are interested in connecting with, and then click on "Connect" when you find a Partner with whom you have an existing commercial contract. Please note that you should also have a commercial contract with TravelgateX in order to request a new connection. Feel free to contact our Sales Team if necessary 


  5. You'll be redirected to section My Connections. Click on "Create a new connection" and fill in the Automated Connection Form for a seamless connection process.

Please keep in mind that when requesting the activation of a connection, you are assuming financial responsibility with TravelgateX for this connection.


6. Click on Create a new Connection and select the Partner you want to connect to.


     7.  Provide your Connection Information: access name, notification emails, and connection type:


    8. Then, fill in the Partner Credentials and parameters:


       9. Simply click on "Review and create". You'll receive a notification confirming the acceptance of your request. Once the activation is complete, we'll send you an email containing all the information you need to set the connection live. Easy, right?

We're continuously enhancing our Activation Process, so much of the data will be auto-completed for your convenience. However, you'll still need to configure some details for each new connection. Ensuring the accuracy of these details will help speed up the process. Keep those specifics precise, and you'll breeze through the setup! 🚀


I want to request an activation of some new credentials with a Seller, what should I do?☑️

Just access section My Connections, click on the Partner for which you want to activate additional credentials, and then click on "Add new access".

Then, you will be redirected to our Automated Connection Form (step 5 above) and follow the steps previously explained. Easy, right?


Interested in diving deeper into TravelgateX's auto-activation process? For more in-depth information, simply access the following link! 📚🔗