How to check my Connections Content

Review and manage your content the easy way!

Why is content important?🚀

Efficiently managing your content without relying on TravelgateX intervention is key to speeding up your time-to-market and driving increased sales! We prioritize transparency and believe that providing our Partners with the tools to manage their static content is absolutely crucial.

What can I do in order to check my Connections Content?🔎

  1. First of all, log in to our website.
    Log in web

  2. Select Connections > Connections Content

  3. There, you will be able to check and review the following details:
    • Portfolio information at credentials/access level.
    • Filter by country
    • Total properties
    • Last update date
    • Property details:
      • Code
      • Name
      • Country
      • City
      • GIATA ID
      • Last upload
      • Additional information: you can visualize it by clicking on a property.
    • "Force update" functionality
    • "Get CSV" functionality


How can I download the Seller's portfolio in CSV format?💡

  1. Access "My Connections Content" section (follow the steps above) and filter by access/Seller credentials.
  2. Look for the "Get CSV" option next to the Get Content button on the screen.
  3. Click on "Get CSV".

  4. Wait for a message confirming that the CSV is being processed.
  5. Keep an eye on the little bell notification on the top right side of our site for updates on the CSV status.
  6. Once the file has been processed, it will be ready for download.