How can I paginate content methods?

Hotel List, Room List and Destination List pagination. Quickguide to using the Continuation Token.

The ContinuationToken is used when downloading a large list of hotels and its purpose is to split the list of hotels into smaller parts so as to avoid a timeout error. Please bear in mind that in order to receive the complete Hotel List from a Seller, you should use the continuation token*

Quickguide to Users of Hotel Buyers API (Legacy) :

In order to include the ContinuationToken in the request, you need to add the following tag:

<ContinuationToken expectedRange = "1000"></ContinuationToken>

You can set the number of hotels returned in the hotellist response using the attribute  expectedRange. The number of hotels returned in the response is equal to the number set in the expectedRange attribute, although in some rare cases it is possible for more hotels to be returned. This means that if you have set the value “1000”, the response may contain anywhere between 1000 and 1999 hotels.

In the case that this value is not set, the default maximum hotel list range is 250,000. We strongly recommend using the ContinuationToken tag for large hotel lists. The values set in the expectedRange attribute should be multiples of one thousand (1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000). 

Once a response is received, it will only include a part of the complete hotel list. In order to obtain the next page of hotels, you should copy the ContinuationToken tag from the response and paste it in the next request exactly as you have copied it, hence a new part of hotels will be obtained in the next response. To obtain the following page, the same steps should be repeated until the ContinuationToken is no longer returned in the response (you will receive a 11204 error) – this means that the complete list of hotels has been obtained.

Quickguide to Users of HotelX Buyers API:

Once a continuation token has been received in the response of the Hotels Query, it should be introduced in the following request in order to receive the subsequent pages of the hotel list. The information on the continuation token will be introduced within the Query Variables until the continuation token is no longer received in the response. Note the "maxSize" must be between 1 and 5000, otherwise you will receive an error. E.g.:

Hotels RQ:


"criteria": {

"access": "xxx",

"maxSize": 1000,

"hotelCodes": ""


"token": "",

"relay": {}



Hotels RS


  "data": {

    "hotelX": {

      "hotels": {

        "token": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",

        "edges": [


            "node": {

              "code": "xxxxx",

              "hotelData": {

                "code": "xxxxxxxxx",

                "hotelCode": "xxxxxxxxx",

                "hotelCodeSupplier": "xxxxxxxxxxxx",

                "hotelName": "xxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Please bear in mind that in order to receive the continuation token in your response, it should be first properly inserted in your Query ($token: String and token: $token). E.g.:

query ($criteria: HotelXHotelListInput!, $relay: RelayInput!, $token: String) {
  hotelX {
    hotels(criteria: $criteria, relay: $relay, token: $token) {
      edges {
        node {



We recommend you update your portfolio on a regular basis (e.g. every 7 days) in order to receive the most updated information from your Sellers.