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Understanding Data Discrepancies

Factors to consider when contrasting TravelgateX Stats with your system's statistics

Why do the statistics in my system differ from the data provided by TravelgateX?🔢

We often receive inquiries from our Partners regarding discrepancies between the data in our Stats App and their own system's information. Specifically, they notice variations in the number of requests per method. As you know, TravelgateX Booking Flow involves the following methods:

  1. Search
  2. Quote
  3. Book

However, it's worth mentioning that certain integrations developed at TravelgateX (not all of them) require multiple transactions per method to accommodate the Seller's API workflow. For example, our Quote method may need 2 or 3 calls to the Seller's system to verify availability, rates, etc.

Despite these additional calls to the Seller's system, our Stats will only reflect a single transaction for that specific method (TravelgateX method transaction). This can lead to differences between the transaction count in our Stats and the actual number of calls made to the Seller's system.


Want to know more about how your integration works as a Seller? Reach out to our Customer Care Team for all the details!