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Data discrepancy between TGX Stats and your own system Stats

We often receive inquiries from our Partners asking us why the data in our Stats App doesn't match their own system's information. For example, they report seeing more/less requests per method. As you know, TGX Booking flow consists of the following methods:

Search -> Quote-> Book

However, for some integrations developed at TGX (not all of them) our system requires more than one transaction per method to the Seller's system in order to adapt to the Seller's own API workflow.

For instance, there may be cases for which our Quote method (1 method) requires 2 or 3 calls to the Seller (e.g. in order to check there's still availability, same rate, etc.). This will be reflected as only 1 transaction in our Stats for that specific method, even though there may have been additional calls to the Seller's system.

Need to check the workflow of your integration as Seller? Feel free to contact our Customer Care Team for further information!