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TGX Distribution solution: enjoy all the functionalities of our Distribution solution

Maximize benefits by buying inventory from different suppliers and managing the product, pricing and filters for each of your Buyers, without any API development.

As a Seller, we know that your goal is to sell your product to different Buyers with the possibility of managing all the distribution channels and applying multiple business rules for each one of them. The lack of technical resources or system limitations can be a problem when you want to optimize your sales and you don't have the proper tools to apply your customized business rules, suppliers’ aggregation or even both! 

Do you need to apply different mark-ups to your clients depending on multiple conditions at once? Do you need to aggregate your direct contracting, channel managers and third parties product? Our Distribution solution offers multiple tools to help you optimize your tech resources, here some ideas and use cases. 


How can I aggregate my direct contracts with hotel and third-party suppliers?

When combining buying from your contracted hotels and other suppliers with no required API, your best alternative is combining our Inventory and Distribution solutions.



As you can see in our schema, different tools are part of this solution, let us clarify the role of every one of them:

  • Inventory: we offer a simple extranet that allows you to connect with more than 50 Channel managers, manage manual rates and also create new user profiles for your contract / loading team or even your hotels.
  • Distribution: with our Distribution tool, you can aggregate your direct contracts and channel managers with other pull suppliers available in our Platform. You just need to create new connections and upload via FTP the required master and mapping files

Once the setup process of your product is ready, you will be able to  create and manage all your agencies or distribution channels, apply specific or general business rules as markups, currency exchange or blacklists, as well as checking or downloading your booking details. All these operations can be performed using our Distribution extranet or our rule files loaded via FTP. . 

  • HotelX API:  As you can see, HotelX appears twice in our schema because this is our Buyers API and it will be the one that your customers will be using to connect with you (some buyers might still use our old Legacy API) and the one that you will also be using to buy product from your suppliers. But don’t worry, thanks to our Distribution solution you won’t need to develop the HotelX API as a Buyer, because the Distribution layer is already internally connected with it. 

And that’s it, once you have set up your account as a Distribution Seller, you will be available to multiple clients in our TGX Ecosystem!

My own system is limited, how can I apply complex business rules to my clients?

No problem! You can use Distribution as an additional layer in your API connectivity with your clients. 

You may load complex markup conditions, currency rules, blacklists and multiple selling rules via FTP files or manually via our Distribution Extranet. Please keep reading about the numerous options to customize your business rules. 


How can I build my own bedbank by only reselling third-party product and no API integration? 

It’s simple! As we have explained in our first use case above, you may aggregate multiple suppliers in Distribution. The only difference in this case is that you don’t have your own system codes so you don’t have any hotel master files nor any product coming from our Inventory APP.

So how can you create your own master file if you have none? In order to create your own master hotel IDs, our recommendation is that you use the structure of the biggest supplier you will aggregate via Distribution. Their data will be the ground to build your own codes and you will already have your codes mapped against your biggest supplier. 

Then, as soon as you have new incremental product from other suppliers that need aggregation, you will only need to: 

  • Create a new master file and add the new hotels
  • Map these properties with already existing ones in your mapping files
  • Upload the new supplier mapping file with you master id and the supplier code

Once you have set up your connections, agencies and business rules, you will be ready to sell via your own bedbank with no API development on your side! 

Do you have other problems you need to solve? Contact our team and let us know how we can help you!


Don't forget to check our Documentation and learn all about our Distribution solution!