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I want to configure business distribution rules using Distribution

Maximize benefits and increase your sales by managing pricing and filters for each of your Buyers.

Distribution allows you, as a Seller, to manage pricing rules, filters and blacklists for each of your Buyers connected via TravelgateX. These rules can be applied at a channel, hotel or booking level, as well as to specific date ranges or markets, giving you the power to configure your company’s distribution strategy in a simple, effortlesslly and user-friendly interface.

Benefits and features

  • Access and manage your contracted product with Channel Managers.
  • Define general and specific pricing rules as commissions or markups.
  • Work with currencies: allow and customize your own currency exchange, block certain currencies by country, etc.
  • Define general and specific stop sales by hotel, hotel chains, markets, countries, cities, etc.
  • Check and download your booking details using our Distribution extranet.

Learn more about Distribution on our Documentation.