Recommended Connections

Looking for new connections? Check out our Network and grow your business in TravelgateX!

TravelgateX offers personalized suggestions for new connections based on your usage data in our marketplace. Thanks to our algorithms, this feature will help you grow not only your network, but also your booking volume, as it will connect you to those partners most relevant to you taking into account all of your trading patterns.

How does TGX Partner recommendation work? 💬

Connections suggested are based on your performance and data-driven algorithms. InsightsX analyzes your data and crosses it with global data stored in our Platform. As a result, Partners that match your business (criteria below) will appear as "Recommended":

  • Your Destinations: Increase sales in your destinations
  • Your Markets: Increase your selling markets

And if you want to expand your business:

  • New Destinations: Expand your business to new destinations!
  • New Markets: Expand your business to new markets!

Where do I find recommendations for my company?  🔍

You will find recommendations in your Dashboard and our Network. Once you have found the Partner you want to connect to, you just need to arrange your own contract and request their activation. As easy as that!


Why do I see recommended Partners I'm already connected with?

Connections without traffic for the last 3 months will be recommended as a reminder for you to reactivate them, as they match your business!