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What headers should I add to my Hotel-X requests?

Exploring the headers used in Hotel-X API

What are the different types of headers that can be included in a Hotel-X request?💡

There are 2 different types of headers:

  1. Mandatory headers: they should be added to your Hotel-X request.
  2. Optional headers: they are not mandatory but might be added to your Hotel-X, for instance, to improve performance.

Which headers are mandatory for my Hotel-X request?🔎

  1. Gzip Compression


    In order to increase performance and save bandwidth, all the live traffic must enable GZIP compression in the HTTP header:


  2. API Key Authorization

    Authentication is necessary for every request made to the TravelgateX GraphQL API. To authenticate the user agent with the server, an API Key must be included in the HTTP Authorization request header.

Which headers are optional for my Hotel-X request?🔎

  1. Keep-Alive

    To enhance performance and optimize response times in Search, you have the option to include the Connection: keep-alive header in all your transactions.

    Keep alive
  2. GraphQL To Rest

    To ensure optimal performance when expecting more than 5,000 options per search response, we recommend utilizing our GraphQL to Rest feature. To implement this feature, please follow the steps below:
    1. Verify that your JSON parser is updated to the latest schema, as Array Fields that were previously defined as single Scalars may result in unexpected JSON marshalling.
    2. Include the following HTTP header in your request(s): TGX-Content-Type: graphqlx/json.
    3. Test a sample call for each request using the provided header.
    4. Sit back and enjoy the enhanced performance!


Don't forget to explore our Hotel-X API Schema and Playground for comprehensive details and additional documentation!🚀