Can I receive GIATA codes in Hotel-X response?

How to activate GIATA Multicodes at TravelgateX

Hotel-X API fully supports GIATA codes in Hotel-X Hotels Query response. To activate this feature, follow the steps below:

  1. Submit a ticket on our Help Centre at Provide your GIATA credentials and specify the Seller/s you want to activate GIATA for. We'll need your GIATA credentials to verify that you have a commercial agreement with them and to check if the Seller/s to be activated are already listed in your GIATA account.
  2. Once our Customer Care team confirms that GIATA has been implemented for your account, simply add the "giataData" node information to your Hotels Query, and you'll receive GIATA details in your response.

Are you interested in Giata Hotel Directory as well?

 Simply follow the easy steps outlined in the following link.