How does TGX Tech Support work?

Understand how your tech requests are handled at TravelgateX

Once you are connected to our Marketplace, we have the following resources available for our Partners:

  • Help Center: the home to our Knowledge Base & FAQs
  • Support Inbox: when you log into our App, you will be able to open tickets to our Customer Care team and manage them through our APP section "My Tickets".
  • TGX Community: a place where you can post your ideas & suggestions, check out new feature releases and keep up with the announcements from our Product Team.

At TGX, we classify the work we do in two types:

  1. Product Development: any development work that improves, adds or modifies functionalities to an existing product and/or service. For example:
    • I would like to be able to download 50+ logs at once from our logs manager.
    • API New Major Version release for an existing integration (e.g. v1.0 to v2.0)

  2. Product Maintenance: any development that ensures the correct performance of an existing product and/or service. For example:
    • Booking flow data discrepancy
    • Static data download error/discrepancy
    • I can now return cancel policies in search, please update it.

Product Development requests should be reported at TGX Community. Our Product team will evaluate each and every idea/suggestion/request.

Our Customer Care Team handles all product Maintenance tickets. These should be reported via our App using the Support Inbox tab


Since we are an API we do not have a demo per se, but you can access our Documentation and check our Playground where you will be able to test all our Hotel-X transactions.