How does TravelgateX Tech Support work?

Understand how your tech requests are handled at TravelgateX

What resources are offered to Partners once they connect to our Marketplace?🌟

  1. Help Center: the home to our Knowledge Base & FAQs.
  2. Tickets: open tickets to our Customer Care team and manage them through our APP section "Tickets".
  3. TravelgateX Community: post ideas & suggestions, check out new feature releases, and stay updated with announcements from our Product Team.

What does TravelgateX not do?🛠️

Our core focus lies in providing seamless connectivity solutions. As a result, we don't offer services like booking engine, voucher generator system, front/back-office systems, website design, etc.

Nevertheless, we have established partnerships with numerous affiliates who specialize in these domains, and we would be more than happy to connect you with them.

How are Partner queries and requests categorized at TravelgateX?💡

  1. Product Development: This involves any development work aimed at enhancing, adding, or modifying functionalities of an existing product and/or service. For example:
    • "I would like to have the option to download more than 50 logs at once from our logs manager".
    • API New Major Version release for an existing integration (e.g. v1.0 to v2.0).

  1. Product Maintenance: This encompasses any development efforts focused on ensuring the proper performance of an existing product and/or service. For example:
    • Booking flow data discrepancy.
    • Static data download error/discrepancy.
    • "As a Seller, I can now return cancel policies in Search, please update this information".
  • For Product Development requests, please report them at TravelgateX Community. Our Product team will thoroughly evaluate every idea, suggestion, and request.
  • For Product Maintenance requests, please report them via our APP - section "Tickets".