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Alerts: How to configure "L2B" Alerts

Understanding Alert Conditions and Customizing L2B Limits for Effective Connection Monitoring

How can I configure a new L2B alert?💡

Creating a new L2B  Alert in our Alerts APP is easy and it only takes 3 steps:

1. Select Connection/s🖱️

Firs step is to select the connection or connections that you want the alert to check.


2. Configure an Alert 🚨

Next, define the conditions and configure the fields to set up your alert. 

Alert if the L2B matches or exceeds a specific value in the last n minutes 🔼 
E.g.: "I want to check if in the last 24 hours my L2B has exceeded 1.000.000, and also I want to check it every 24 hours. Only alert if there are at least 3.000.000 requests in the time window to be reviewed."

  1. L2B: Set the L2B (Look-To-Book) value to be checked by the alert. In our example, the L2B is 1.000.000.
  2. Time Window: Period in the past (minutes) over which alert values are checked. In our example, 24 hours (1440 minutes).
  3. Frequency: How often the alert values will be checked (minutes). In our example:
    1. If we set 24 hours: the alert will check the conditions every 24 hours of the last 24 hours of traffic (time window).
    2. If we set 12 hours: the alert will check the conditions every 12 hours of the last 24 hours of traffic (time window).
  4. Minimum number of requests: Minimum number of requests that should be in the window in order to be checked. In our example, there should be at least 3B transactions in those 24 hours for the alert to check the conditions.

3. Configure Notifications ✉️

Last but not least, configure how you want to receive Alerts notifications:

  1. Set your alert name and description.
  2. Provide the email address where notifications will be sent. (TO and BCC).
  3. Frequency of notification
  4. How to create the alert: a unique global alert, an alert for every connection selected in step 1 or an alert for each access selected in step 3. 

If you have any questions regarding the configuration of your alerts, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Care team via Tickets. We are more than happy to assist you!🚀