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How to set up and load product in Inventory

Learn all about configuring your Setup and start loading prices/allotment the easy way!

How can I configure the set up of my product in Inventory?💡

As a Buyer buying from Channel Managers via our Inventory Solution, you should first configure the SetUp of your contracted hotels. Once you have finished the SetUp, the Channel Manager will be able to retrieve all the information and map it in order to start loading allotment and prices.

TGX Academy: Inventory - SetUp📽️

How can I check the product already loaded to the Inventory Extranet?📅

You can check the allotment, prices and conditions loaded by hoteliers in the Calendar section.

TGX Academy: Inventory - Calendar📽️

How can I load discounts and offers to my product?🚀

You can configure discounts, offers and supplements via section Manual Load.

TGX Academy: Inventory - Manual Load📽️

TGX Academy: Inventory - Derived Rates and Offers📽️


For how long can I load product into Inventory?🕗

Our Inventory system allows you to load allotment and prices for up to 2 years from the current date.


Don't forget to check our Full Documentation for more information on our Inventory Extranet and all its functionalities!🚀