My Connections

View, activate and monitor your connections in TravelgateX

How can I check My Connections?💡

To check, activate, and keep track of your connections via TravelgateX, simply follow the steps below:

1. Log onto our website - Make sure you browsing either as Buyer or Seller depending on the information you need to check.

2. Click on Connections>My Connections:

My connection2

What can I find in My Connections?🔎

In My Connections section you will find a list of all your connections. You may filter your accesses based on their status, type, and whether they are active or not.

Hotel-X access code

Id of a given access.

Supplier and Context code

Supplier code and Supplier Context code of a given access. Don't forget to check our article on Hotel-X credentials for further information.

Access name

The name of a given access.

Last update and Creation date

Last modification on a given access and its creation date.


Edit access, copy access, Delete access, View Logs and Get form data.

Access Status

  • Working: The activation process was completed successfully and the access is available for use.
  • Pending: The access is in validation status and will switch to working or not working after validation.
  • Not Working: One or more processes in the activation have failed and our connectivity team needs to review it manually.

Access Type

  • Live: This is an access created with production credentials.
  • Test: This is an access created with test credentials.
The type of access (live or test) is determined by the credentials agreed upon by both the Buyer and Seller. It is the responsibility of both the BUYER and the SELLER to agree on the type of credentials to be used for a given access.

Access Active

You can enable or disable your Hotel-X connections and accesses. Please note that you can only use accesses while they are active in our system. Still using our Legacy API? Connect to Hotel-X API and enjoy this functionality and many more!

  • Yes: Active and operational access
  • No: Active and non-operational access


My connection4


    he number of properties available for a given access.

    My connection5


    Links to the Stats, Logging, Alerts, Speed and Traffic Optimizer APPs for that specific access.

    My connection6

    Extended information on "Not Working" status

    We have also added the following information in order to speed up the Auto-Activation process:

    My connection8Informative PopUp: To find out why the auto-activation could not be carried out, hover over the "Not working" status to see an informative PopUp explaining the error.


    My connection9Assigned ticket and link to it: You can view the ticket information assigned to the access and open the ticket in the MyTickets section for more details about the current status of the access. 


    How can I edit an access?🛠️

    1. Just filter the access to be edited in the My Connections screen.
    2. Click on the three dots to the right of the access (actions).
    3. Select "Edit access" from the drop-down menu.
    4. You will be able visualize your current credentials for that specific access and modify your details accordingly (only editable information).

    How can I create a new access for an existing connection?🛠️

    In order to create a new access for an existing Partner connection, you just need to follow the steps below:

    1. Access the section Connections>My Connections
    2. Filter the Connection of your choice.
    3. Click on the "Add Access" button at the end of the connection panel and you will be redirected to our Auto-Activations form.

    How can I copy an access?🛠️

    In order to speed up the process of copying a pre-existing access and minimize typographical errors when filling in the access form, we have enabled the "Copy Access" feature in the section My Connections:

    1. Select Connection/s: click in My Connections and filter the access to be copied, then click on “Actions” and choose the function “Copy access”

    2. Check and complete the "Copy access" pre-filled form. Note that you may still need to edit/fill in some fields, since they include sensitive information:

      1.  Access name: the access name is filled in by default with the copied access name and the prefix COPY_ in order to distinguish it from the original one. Choose a distinctive name for the new access.
      2. Notification emails: add your email/s so you can be notified about the activation process status.
      3. Set your credentials for that specific connection. Remember to check all the fields in the form in case you need to modify some information before requesting the activation.
    3. Activation Process: The activation process is similar to any other activation and may take some time. Don't forget to check our articles on Auto-Activations for further information.

    How can I delete an access?🛠️

    We've made it simpler than ever to remove accesses that are no longer useful. In order to delete accesses that are no longer valid, just follow the steps below:

    1. Deactivate the access by changing its status from "Active" to "Inactive".
    2. Open the action menu and select the "Delete access" option.

    My connection11