Network Dashboard

You will find our Network Dashboard in the home screen of our marketplace. It provides an overview of the performance of your connections and contains several reports that can be filtered according to your own criteria with the following date ranges: yesterday, last 7 days or last 30 days. 

Dashboard reports available:

  • Total Searches: total search requests sent.
  • Look-to-Book (L2B): total number of search requests vs total number of bookings minus cancellations.
  • % Searches with no results: percentage of searches with no results returning error code 204.
  • Total Bookings: total volume of all booking transactions.
  • Total Transaction Value: Total amount (€) from all booking transactions.
  • Cancellations: Total volume of all cancelled booking transactions.

  • Top Booked Countries: most booked countries and their market share.
  • Top Source Markets: top source markets and their market share.
  • Connections with the highest booking volume: based on the sum of total bookings per connection and their corresponding TTV.
  • Worst L2B connections: connections with the worst L2B and their corresponding search requests, bookings and cancellations.
  • Worst availability ratio connections: based on the non-availability response and their corresponding search requests and bookings.
  • Connections with the highest traffic: based on the sum of total search requests per connection.
  • Recommended Partners for you: suggestions of new connections in our Network. You can use this feature to meet new Partners and grow your business.

For a deeper monitoring of your performance, we recommend you head over to our Stats APP.


Important note: Dashboard reports will be available once you have made your first connection.