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How to optimize a large % of No Availability

Are you experiencing a high percentage of no availability in a particular connection?

Normally this is due to a mapping issue, so first thing would be ensure that you have only mapped Hotels that the Supplier has enabled for you. Alternatively, you could be requesting dates in which the hotels are closed or it could be that you are requesting Availability for Markets not allowed for some specific Hotels.

Please find below a couple of tips to convert “No Availability” to “Results”:

  1. Confirm with the Seller the number of hotels that you should expect to receive per feed (B2B, B2C). Once you have it, download the Seller's Hotel List via TGX and if the number of hotels received is around the number you expect, we advise you to unmap absolutely all the hotels and start afresh with only the hotels you just received through our Hotel List.
    In case the number of hotels received through TGX is varies wildly from what you have confirmed with the Seller, then please reach out to our Help Center so we can check the reason for this discrepancy.

  2. Confirm with the Seller whether there are Hotels or Hotels Chains in your portfolio that are only Available to specific Markets or Nationalities. If so, you should take this into account when analysing a lack of availability. Perhaps you are requesting a hotel that doesn’t offer product to the Spanish Market, and you receive No Availability because you have set the request with the “ES” Market.

  3. Confirm with the Seller if there are some specific Hotels or Hotel Chains that are closed off for some specific dates or seasons.

  4. Ask the Seller if they have a mínimum length of stay for some specific Hotels or Hotel Chains.

If you are connected to our Hotel Buyers API (legacy), please note that we deliver new connections with a parameter called “HotelXAccessCode”. It’s very important that you don’t remove it - you should not modify the XML Configuration you were delivered.