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How to limit and filter options through optionsQuota and Business Rules

All about optionsQuota and businessRules

OptionsQuota - How to limit the number of options in SearchRS

Thanks to the optionsQuota tag, you are able to control and limit the number of options per Mealplan returned in SearchRS in those cases the Seller allows business rules (you will be able to check this information through our Metadata Query).

Note that we have established a system-level limit so that if the OptionsQuota set on your side is higher than the limit established, we will use the one with the lowest value.


businessRulesType - How to filter options through Business Rules

These are the 2 types of businessRules that may be applied:

1. CHEAPER_AMOUNT: The cheapest options are returned without exceedig the optionsQuota limit.

2. ROOM_TYPE: It groups the options by room type without exceeding the optionsQuota limit.



Please note that options are filtered using a limited combination of rooms types. First, we group same room types so you receive options with the same type/classification. For example: Standard-Standard-Standard-Standard, Junior-Junior-Junior-Junior…). Then, we combine the cheapest rooms with the remaining rooms, always checking for duplicates and without execeeding the optionsQuota limit.

If a Buyer sets a BusinessRules value, then it will be applied when the number of options returned exceeds the optionsQuota. If the client does not set any BusinessRules values, then the CheaperAmount BusinessRule is applied by default.


You can also configure your own Business Rules implementing our Aggregation app.  More information on Business Rules on our Documentation and API Schema.