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VCC/payment options when working with Channel Managers

1. Which of the Channel Managers integrated do offer a VCC solution?

Here the list of the CM with booking notify against their system and, therefore, allow VCC payment:

    • Allotz
    • D-EDGE / Availpro

    • BoccoGroup/Hotel Spider

    • Busy Rooms

    • Cubilis

    • E-GDS

    • Ericsoft

    • TravelClick

    • Hermes Hotels

    • Hotel Availabilities

    • Hoteliers Guru

    • Hotetec

    • Iperbooking

    • MyAllocator

    • Passepartout

    • Primal-RES

    • Prestige

    • RoomCloud (Parity Rate)

    • RateGain

    • RateTiger

    • Shiji

    • Siteminder

    • SmartHotel

    • Spider Hotels

    • STAAH

    • Travelline

    • Omnibees

    • VerticalBooking

    • WuBook

    • YieldPlanet

2. If a Channel Manager offers a VCC solution, can we still negotiate a normal credit agreement with the supplier (e.g. payment 10 days after arrival iso. VCC on arrival)?

If the CM allows card payment we accept all payment options (you are able to configure BookingDatePayment and ArrivalDatePayment at a rate level in the Inventory extranet), but we do not get involved in the payment terms between the CM and the Buyer so this is something you should previously confirm with your CM.
3. Which are the Channel Managers that can handle commission? Can we only use net prices for all Channel Managers?

In our system, the CM loads availability and prices and then you can set a commission at rate level on the Inventory extranet. That means that if the CM loads net prices then you can add that commission % in the rate configuration and you will receive the price with and without commission via API. 


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