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Why should I develop Hotel Pull Sellers API?

Understanding the main benefits and features of developing, as a Seller, our Hotel Pull Sellers API.

TravelgateX offers the possibility for you as a Seller to integrate our Hotel Pull Sellers API (click here to understand the difference between a PULL and a PUSH Connection) and start selling to our portfolio of Buyers just as quick as you can finish the development! This solution is called “Hotel Pull Sellers API”. When you integrate this API, your system will receive from TravelgateX requests in our API Format. Then, you will convert them to your API Format in order to process those requests.

The main benefits and features of developing our Hotel Pull Sellers API are:

  • No Queues: as the development is done by your IT Team, there are no development queues to worry about and as soon as you finish this development you will be able to start selling.
  • TravelgateX Tech Support: Please remember that we are here to help you, not just during the onboarding process but always. In order to do so, we created the following communication channels (each one with a different purpose, so we make sure that your inquiry hits the right spot):
    • My Tickets: It's our ticketing system and should be used for technical support after the Hotel Pull Sellers API certification. 
    • TGX Documentation: APIs Made With ♡ For Developers By Developers
    • Knowledge Base: TravelgateX APIs and APPs in a nutshell. 
  • Easy XML API: Our API is very easy to implement. We use XML as a language and we have a defined and easy methods to develop: Availability, Valuation, Reservation, Cancellation, Reservation Read, Reservation List, Static Information Methods (Hotel List, Room List, Category List…).
  • No Maintenance on TGX side: Any maintenance or error will be fixed directly on your side, so you won’t depend on TGX to fix them, which means that the ETA of resolution or update depends exclusively on your team.
  • Fast Connectivity: once a connection with a Partner is requested, the activation process will be much simple and faster.

Here you will find more information about our Hotel Pull Sellers API: Overview, API Specs, How-to articles…

We look forward to start working with you!