How does the B2B Virtual Agency work?

B2B Reservation Tool

The B2B portal allows a Buyer to search for more than 500,000 accommodations worldwide from several suppliers.

Quick Guide to making the most of our B2B Portal

Once logged in, you can access to our B2B Portal selecting the Apps option from the main menu and then clicking at “B2B Virtual Agency”.

Then, you will be redirected to our Availability Request form, and you just need to fill in all the mandatory fields available (connection, dates, hotel, etc.) in order to to send the request. You can also activate the AuditTransactions in order to register the original request and response logs by the Seller.

Please note that by activating the Best Price (Price comparator) you can send a search with your own hotel codes to multiple providers at the same time. If you choose this option, make sure you load the mapping files in our FTP in advance (more information here).

Once you click on "Search", the results page will be displayed. There, you can select the option of your choice and click on "Quote Info" in order to check all the details for that option: price, cancellation policies, booking details or remarks, etc.

Once you select the option you prefer you need to click on Quote to confirm the booking.


There, you can also download Quote logs by clicking on "Show RQ" and "Show RS" (Copy to clipboard).

Once in the Book step of the reservation, you should fill in all the details necessary to make the booking: client reference (booking reference in your system), holder and paxes details (if you can't provide the paxes ages you can set a default one, e.g. 30 for adults or 12 for children).

Once filled in, click on “Book” - You will receive a "Booking Success!" message once the booking is confirmed.

You will receive a "Booking Success!" message once the booking is confirmed. In case you receive a booking status different than OK or you want to double-check the booking details, you can access "My Bookings" and filter the information either by dates or reference.

Once you find the booking you are interested in, you can either check the details (to confirm whether the status changed or not) or cancel it:

If an error occurs, you will find the full logs by clicking on the filter icon to the left of the screen: