Important points when requesting a New Connection

Back in 2021 we started automating the activation process, or in other words, configuring automatically a connectivity between two systems. We had, and still have, only one objective: to make connecting a Partner easier and faster. It was a big step towards scalability and efficiency, allowing our Partners to connect new Sellers/Buyers in a matter of minutes/hours. 

What should I check before requesting an activation of a new connection?🔎

  1. Are the credentials I am entering active? 

    A common error is requesting an activation with credentials not yet activated by the Seller, which prevents the automatic workflow from working and delays the delivery time. Please ensure the credentials are active and fully operative before starting the process
  2. Have I doubled-checked the credentials with the Seller?

    Sometimes the information provided is not correct, preventing the automatization to be successful. In these cases, we suggest verifying with the Seller that you have the right information in each field - you can also contact our Customer Care team if you find out that the fields requested are not correct.
  3. Do I have a commercial agreement with the Partner I am trying to connect to?

    Requesting the activation through our connect form should be the final step towards connecting a new Partner. Please make sure you have an agreement with the Partner and the credentials are set before requesting the connection. Then, two scenarios may arise:
    1. Connecting a Premium Partner:
      It's completely free as they assume the connectivity costs via TravelgateX - The Premium Partner will request the activation of your connection and we will send you all the necessary data to enable the connectivity. You will still need to sign our Standard Connectivity agreement (Framework Terms & conditions - TCP). 
    2. Connecting to a Standard Seller:
      You will need to take care of the connectivity fees. Feel free to contact us in order to arrange a commercial contract and get the most out of our Network!  

Additional tips from our Activations Team💡

  • If you are a Seller: head to our website>My Connections>New Connection and check that the information configured for your connection is correct. This will make activating your integration for your Buyers faster. Please contact our Customer Care team on any discrepancy detected.
  • Sometimes the credentials provided are active, but only for certain methods such as downloading static content or performing searches. Our activation process tests the Search and Quote methods from the booking flow and downloads the static content. In case any of those methods is restricted, the Auto-Connection process will fail. Please make sure the credentials provided are fully functional before requesting the activation.
  • Name your access:  When requesting a new activation, you have the possibility to personalize the access name. That’s very helpful when trying to differentiate between multiple credentials with the same partner (B2B and B2C accesses, for instance).

Thank you for following these tips, you are helping us to connect you to your Partners faster!🚀