How to retrieve my web logs from TGX Website

What are "web logs" and how can I obtain them?

Sometimes our team needs access to your web logs in order to check your connection to our website and find the solution to any possible issues.

In order to obtain this information, you just need to follow the steps below:📄☑️

1. Open a new tab.
2. Once in the new tab, right-click > Inspect (or click F12), a new section will open with several tabs and options; select the Console one.

3. Browse our website, some text will appear on the Inspect section.

4. Right-click the console section and select Save as, it will generate a log file.
5. Select now the Network tab and click the Export HAR… button, it will generate another log file.


6. Send us both log files and the mail used by the user to log in.

7. That's it!