Logging: Retrieve and download XML logs at TravelgateX

Our logs manager will make it easy for you to search and download XML logs from your transactions our marketplace, and even download them in bulk!

How can I use Logging? 🔍

Once you have logged onto TravelgateX, click on APPs>Logging. Then, select the connection or connections to be filtered and click on Search. You can also go straight to the point and use the specific 'Search by Session ID or Reference' option.


You can update the filters available and target your search selecting:

  • Time range
  • Operation type
  • Status/Error code

    What information does Logging provide me? 📤

    If your search criteria returns logs, Logging will display the following information:

    • Timestamp
    • Duration of the transaction
    • Connection
    • Client
    • Access
    • Result Code (Status/Error Code)
    • Operation type
    • Session ID as unique identifier for this transaction
    • Traffic Type (Basic, Optimized, Scheduler, Speed)
    • Download link


    Logs can be downloaded individually or in bulk using the "Download All" option that you can find above the table.


    And what happens with Search transaction logs? 💾

    Imagine storing the 3B+ search transactions that happen every day at TravelgateX…. Crazy, right?  That's why by default, Search transaction logs are not stored. But what if you need a specific search log to identify an error or to solve a dispute? No problem, just head to the Audit Search Logs option and indicate the connection or access you need Search logs from. Then, our APP will start saving 5% of your Search traffic for 5 minutes. 


    You will be able to audit a full connection or only a specific access (credential). Also, you will notice a quick history to know which are the searches audits already requested.

    audit 4

    ⚠️ The audit process may no be inmmediate, please wait a few minutes to recover the logs in the Logging APP - remember to include the “Search” option in the ‘Operation type’ filter.

    You will also be able to check the Audit Searches History for further details on your previous audits (e.g. date) in order to be able to Search them again in our Logging APP.


    How to use the “tgx_sess” parameter in Logging (Legacy API)

    In some cases, it is necessary to check the Quote logs for a specific booking (for instance, to check its cancellation policies). In order to do that, you should first download the booking logs through our Stats or Logging APPs.

    Then, you will be able to find the parameter “tgx_sess” in your Reservation request: it includes the sessionID value of its corresponding Valuation.

    For example: 

    <Parameter key="tgx_sess  value="c0c89c0c-29a3-40ff-8c7b-bd179c57faea"/>

    Then, you just need to configure your Logging filters and click on Search logs by: Session ID or Reference in order to add this information in the Session ID field. Once filled in, click on Search ID and Logging will return the Quote logs for that specific booking.