Billing: Check your monthly invoices and control your usage

How to check the charges for the services provided by TravelgateX

How can I use Billing? 🖱️

Once you have logged onto TravelgateX, click on Settings>Billing. By default you will see your contracts list with its specific information.


Click on the 'Invoices' tab and you will be able to check your monthly invoices and all its details:

  • Invoice date
  • Start and End date: applied invoice date range.
  • Invoice ID: Unique identifier of your invoices.
  • Partner type: Seller or Buyer.
  • Contract type
  • Amount 


Click on 'Options' and you will be able to check specific/monthly details and download the csv of your booking locators.

What information does Billing provide me? 📋

Billing provides valuable information to have a more detailed understanding of your invoices in TGX. For each monthly invoice, you are able to see relevant associated data based on your contract type: total bookings, total requests, TTV, etc. 


Moreover, for each connection, you will see a breakdown by:

  • Fee type (i.e., traffic, setup, maintenance, bookings, excess, discount)
  • Number of charges by fee type
  • Amount (VAT not included)

If you are a Buyer, or you are a Seller and your Partner's organization has several clients connected to you, you will also be able to check this information just by clicking on 'View by client':


💡 Feel free to contact our Billing team for any questions or doubts regarding your invoicing.