The Auto-Activation Process

Ready to learn all about Auto-Activations? Let's get started!

Let's first review some general concepts about TravelgateX Activations. This will help us gain a better understanding of what's going on.

If you're new to the process, we recommend checking out the following two articles:

  1. Quick guide to Auto-Activations
  2. My Connections
Once you've read those, come back here and we'll jump right in!

What is the Activation Testing Phase?🚀

When activating a connection, whether it's done automatically or manually, a testing phase is necessary to ensure the new credentials functioning properly. This involves going through a Booking Flow (using the Search and Quote queries) and downloading Static Content information such as hotels and destinations. If everything checks out, the connection will be set to "Working" and the requestor will be notified. 

What happens if there are any contact mismatches?🔎

In the event that there are contact mismatches between the information provided in the Connection Form and our database, we may need the Partner to share the connection details with you. 

My access is flagged as "Not Working", what does it mean?💡

A new access is categorized as "Not Working" in those cases our Connectivity Team needs to review the Activation manually. You will be contacted by our team as soon as possible, either to inform you that the connection has been successfully set up or ask for additional information or assistance to continue with the connectivity process.

As a Seller, I have been contacted regarding an activation, what should I do?⚠️

Sellers will also receive an email requesting their collaboration to resolve any issues that prevent a connection from being completed automatically. The email provides a link where they can fix the problem by modifying the access configuration provided by the Buyer.

My access is "Not Working" and I cannot edit it, what can I do?✔️

It's important to note that when an access is "Not Working", the "Edit access" feature remains blocked while our Connectivity Team checks the connection. To avoid creating duplicate tickets on our Platform, we strongly advise against requesting the connection again. It's best to wait until our Connectivity Team contacts you and asks for assistance. 

💬 If you have any activation-related updates or details to share, please avoid creating additional tickets for our Customer Care team. Instead, we kindly ask that you reply to our Connectivity Team email thread.

We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for helping us streamline our communication process!